Hello There!

So the site is finally up and running. Welcome! I think I went through every single blog theme WP has…and let me say I really need to customize something! While I like the current layout, it lacks my signature…and we know all designers require a signature verdad!

I actually spent several *cough, cough* hours looking at awesome WP layouts only to discover that they were for the WP.com sites and not the blog sites (at least I think that’s why I couldn’t get them to work!) hahah

As you might observe from my site (s) I type spanglish at times. I have been learning Spanish and it is my hope to one day actually be able to carry on a conversation in a different language.

I am currently working on a few different sites and trying to streamline them. Having to keep up with all these networks is a bit crazy at times, considering the full plates I am juggling. The biggest issue is that some people love Facebook while some are die-hard Myspacers. So if one doesn’t have the other account, they will not be able to read all my great, life altering, world changing, interesting fact filled blogs. (A person can dream can’t they?)

So, here is a temporary answer (I hope!). The name of my blog is how I see things and life. I live it like I see it – and I live out what I believe to be right. But let my life speak for itself – Living4Real. Grace, love, and a New Testament covenant with Christ makes my life a lot happier and cooler – and it’s a plug-in that’s a free upgrade available to anyone who wants it. If you live your life for real, I think you’ll be a lot truer to yourself and happier.

So, the main focus of this site may change over time. I can guarantee the layout and theme/design will, so make sure you know how to find it – cause when the holidays or just a spring feeling hits me – the look and feel of this blog will totally alter. I try to blog about fascinating, intriguing, thought-provoking, compelling and just all around awesome topics, so if you find a particular thing thought provoking or entertaining, follow it and add in your two cents. That’s how things get interesting and we learn those fun facts that give us the winning advantage during those late night trivial pursuit games! 😉