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Help! I am designing a web site and I want to use iweb and upload it using MobileMe.

But right now I am still in the design phase. Here’s the case file if you will. I have navigation buttons on the left side of the home page and I want to have sub-menus appear when you mouse over certain tabs. So as an i.e. If my main navigation button read ‘Ice-cream’ then when you roll over the image/button, a sub-menu appears on the right side with a list of different links (ie Chocolate, Vanilla, Fudge.)  that link to their respective web page. I have worked with XHTML and a bit of CSS formatting. I am starting to think that what I am trying to do might be JavaScript, but I’m not sure. I have been going on Google looking for info on other sites, but I don’t think I am referring to what I’m wanting to do by the correct name because I have not come up with much. So, after working on this for yet another day, I am still at square one and frustrated. 😦

If anyone has any suggestions, I’d greatly apprecate your imput! Thank you in advance!! 🙂